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The knit patterns are designated as so. All others are crochet.


Potholders Towel Toppers and Fastener
Belva's Knit Sea Waves Dishcloth Fan Potholder No - Button Towel Topper
Woven Stitch Dishcloth You Are My Sunshine Potholder Seasonal No Button Towel Topper
with flower, butterfly and wreath fasteners
Knit Ripple Seed Dishcloth Linda's Butterfly Potholder Ghost Fastener
Fan Dishcloth Linda's Snowflake Potholder Butterfly Fastener
Knit Bobble Dishcloth Linda's Turtle Potholder Christmas Star Fastener
Leaning Fence Dishcloth Doll Dress Potholder Christmas Tree Fastener
Crystal Diamond Dishcloth Pinwheel Potholder-crochet Heart Fastener
Easy Cotton Dishcloth - Knit Watermelon Potholder Shamrock Fastener
Knit Bobble Dishcloth Patchwork Potholder Bunny Fastener
Christmas Bell Dishcloth Pinwheel Potholder - Knit
Holiday Diamond Dishcloth Plastic Pop Ring Potholder
Falling Leaves Dishcloth Christmas Bell Potholder
Christmas Lights Dishcloth Christmas Lights Potholder
Over the Rainbow Dishcloth Millennium Scallop Hotpad
Bushy Stitch Dishcloth
Basic Chenille Dishcloth
Knitted Tracks Dishcloth
Crocheted Dishcloth Variations




Easter Egg Coaster Toy Tote Bag - a soap holder also Watermelon Table Set
Snowberry Coaster Baby Football - Knit Pug(pacifier) Holder
Zerma's May Flower Coaster Baby Crib Ball - Knit Seawaves Bookmark
Christmas Star Coaster and variations Crawly Crib Creature - Knit Butterfly Magnet
Reindeer Pin/Fridgie Toddler Shapes Toy Country Hanger Covers
Beanie Baby Bathrobe and Slippers - Knit Linda and Phyllis' Christmas Stockings(2)
Christmas Crochet Stocking(bigger)
Christmas Placemat
Grocery Bag Holder



More Assorted

Knitted Toddler Hat/Helmet Granny Frog Square Pineapple Heart Sachet
Knit Baby Sweater - Zipper in the back Sunflower Pinwheel Granny Square Flower Pot Cover
Easy Crochet Baby Booties Granny Square Ideas Mile-a-Minute Edging - with new pic
Easy Knit Slippers More Granny Square Ideas Zig Zag Edging
Easy Knit Cuffed Slippers Crochet Edging Ideas
Pixie Slippers for the Family Stitch Hints
Easy Knit Hat Super Fast Rose Scrunchie
3 Easy Knit Scarves 3 Knit Pincushions
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