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Pixie Slippers for the Whole Family

Infants: Baby pompadour yarn, 1 2-oz skein
Child's and Adult's: Knitting worsted, 1 - 4 oz skein
Knitting needles size 8
For infant's only: Knitting needles size 4 for ruffle
Large-eyed needle
For each: 2 or 4 - 1 inch pom poms from ball fringe
Size: Directions for infant's size. Changes for child's and adult's sizes are in parentheses.
Note: Infant's slippers are worked with two strands of yarn; ruffle with 1 strand of yarn.
Slippers: With 2 (1-1) strand of yarn (see note), and size 8 needles, cast on 29 (39-49) sts.
Row 1: K 1, * p 1, k 1, repeat from * across. Repeat row, having k 1 over a p st and p 1 over a k st until piece is square (about 6 ½inches(8 ½ - 10 ½ inches)). Bind off in pat, leaving an 18 inch end for sewing.
Finishing: Steam-press lightly. Thread yarn end into needle. Fold square into triangle. Weave tog one edge for sole and 2 inches (3" - 4") up other edge for back seam. Fold open point to right side for cuff.
Infant's ruffle: With one strand of yarn and size 4 needles, cast on 50 sts. K1 row, p 1 row.
Next Row (inc row): * K1, inc 1 sts in next st, repeat from * across-- 75 sts. P 1 row. Repeat last two rows once-- 112 sts. Bind off. With right side of ruffle at back seam, sew cast-on edge of ruffle to cuff edge.
(Note: this can be done with a set of double pointed needles. Just pick up the 50 sts around the edge and place on the needles. The only change is to k all rows with no purling. Also no sewing).
Child's Fringe: Cut yarn in 2 ½" lengths. Knot 1 strand in each st around cuff edge.
Gather center front on infant's and child's slippers for 1" (1 ½") from point. Fold point to right side on adult's slippers; tack securely. Sew pompom to each toe on all slippers; sew a pompom to tip of front cuff on adult's slippers.