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A Closet Full of Grannies

What to make with even more Granny Squares:

1. 4 grannies(4" each) made from cotton yarn and whip stitched together makes a dishcloth.

2. Take 2 - 12 inch grannies whip stitched together on 3 sides. Make a braid 30 inches long. Attach the braid to the top edges where they are joined and you have a Granny Bag for the beach or as a book bag(lining would be nice).

3. Whip stitch together twenty four 5 inch grannies together (6 by 4) and fold in half width wise. Sew along bottom and side. Make a chain cord to weave through the top and you have a heating pad cover.

4. One 7 inch granny folded in half and crocheted across the bottom and side and you have another eye glasses case.

5. 6 squares stitched together into a cube shape and stuffed make a baby block toy. I like to place a big jingle bell in the center of the stuffing before closing the last side.

6. 2 grannies in cotton yarn and whip stitched together on 3 sides with a draw string through the top makes a soap saver/soap on a rope.

7. Take 6 grannies in cotton yarn and whip stitched together 2 x 3 and you have an absorbent pretty hand towel.

8. 12 small granny squares make these Granny Square Slippers.

9. 42 squares make this groovy Granny Square Poncho.

You have now found a home for 99 more granny squares.


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