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Crawly Crib Creature

Knitting worsted - oz. White, few yards each of six colors
Knitting needles size 5
Steel crochet hook size 00
Six Styrofoam balls- 1 " diameter
Scraps of felt, various colors
yard ribbon
Tapestry needle
Knitting needles: 1 fine, 1 size 10
Size: About 16" long
Ball cover: (make 6 of different colors): Note: Sl all sts as if to p.
With colored yarn cast on 9 sts.
Row 1 - 6: Sl first st, k 7, sl last st.
Row 7: Drop color; with white, p 9.
Row 8: P 9.
Row 9 - 12: Repeat row 1.
Row 13: Drop white; with color, p 9.
Row 14: P 9.
Rows 15 - 18: Repeat row 1.
Repeat rows 7 - 18 until there are 5 white stripes, end row 12. Drop white; with color, p 1 row; bind off all sts on next row. Leave end for sewing.
Finishing: With fine knitting needle, make hole through center of each ball. Enlarge hole by inserting larger needle, then size 10. Sew covers over balls, joining cast-on and bound-off edges. With yarn and needle, draw sts tog around hole each end of ball. Cut 7 circles of felt, 1 " diameter. Cut whole in center of each. With white and colored yarn tog, crochet a chain about 20" long. Knot one end. String on felt circles and balls alternately; begin and end with felt circle. Knot end. Tie ribbon bow each end close to knot.