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Baby's Crib Ball

Knitting worsted: 1/3 oz. Each white(W) and pink(P)
Knitting needles size 6
Steel crochet hook size 00
Styrofoam ball - 3"
Two jingle bells
Pink felt scrap
Narrow white elastic, 12"
Plastic ring - 1"
Tapestry needle
Size: 3" diameter
Ball Cover: Note: Sl all sts as if to p.
With W, cast on 18 sts.
Row 1: Sl first st, k 16, sl last st.
Rows 2 - 6: With yarn in back, sl 2 sts, k 15, sl last st.
Row 7: Join P, drop W. With P, p 18.
Row 8: P 18.
Rows 9 - 14: Repeat row 2.
Row 15: Drop P, pick up W, p 18.
Row 16: P 18.
Rows 17 - 22: Repeat row 2.
Row 23: Drop W, pick up P, p 18.
Row 24: P 18.
Repeat rows 9 - 24 until there are 5 W and 5 P stripes, end row 14. Repeat row 15. Bind off all W sts in purl. Leave end for sewing.
Finishing: Cut Styrofoam ball in half. Make a hollow in the center of each half. Put 2 bells in center; glue or tie two halves together with thread. Sew cast-off and bound-off sts tog over ball. With yarn needle, draw sl sts tightly tog over both ends. At one end, tie elastic through sts. Cut two felt circles, 1 " diameter. Slit one for 1/8" at center; run elastic through slit. Sew felt circles over ends. Tie over end of elastic to plastic ring. With P, sc closely together over ring. Join in sc. End off.