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Linda's Crafty Chronicles

Volume 2, Issue 3-4

Hello everyone and a big welcome to Spring. Issue 3 and 4 are being included together since it is so close to April. I have a lot of new patterns and great information for you to enjoy in this issue.


In this issue:
New Patterns including new fasteners
Contest Winners
Change of Issue dates


New Patterns including new fasteners

I have several new patterns for this issue. As always, I love doing dishcloths so the dishcloth pattern for this month is a Knitted Tracks Dishcloth. I also have ideas for ways to get new Crocheted Dishcloth Patterns without having to purchase a new pattern. See the examples and let your imagination flow.

I have also created 2 new fasteners. The first is a little late for St. Patrick's Day, but is a Shamrock fastener (sorry I didn't get it out earlier), the second is a Bunny fastener. I wanted to get this out in plenty of time before Easter arrived.


Contest Winners

It was an interesting Contest but we have our winners. There was a grand prize winner and 4 first prize winners. They are as follows:
Grand Prize: Julie Bertling
First Prize #1: E J Z
First Prize #2: Cheryl Korman
First Prize #3: Susan Paskins
First Prize #4: Lois Karklus

Here is a list of the pages that had the balloons:












My site is lindaslists but the physical address is also Heartland/Ranch/4054 so either was ok. The part you needed was the htm address at the end. Congratulation to the winners and a big thank you to those that entered. I realize that it was difficult with Geocites constantly acting up on my site and I apologize for that.


Change of Issue Dates

The issues won't change, just the dates that they come out on. If I get the newsletter done early I will send out the notice early. I hate getting a pattern or information out that has to do with a holiday and have the holiday arrive a few days later. I am working on a lot of new patterns and will get these out at different times. So don't worry if you receive an issue before or after the first of the month. I haven't forgotten.


Next Issue

New patterns, including new fasteners.
Picnic Recipes
More Handy Hints