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Linda's Crafty Chronicles Volume 2, Issue 2

Welcome to the 1st Anniversary Issue of my newsletter. You are not going to see a lot in this issue because I am spreading it out over the next few issues and I have been busy getting ready for the 1st anniversary contest. There are 5 big prizes. To read the contest rules and get started, go the following link. One of the biggest rules is that you must be subscribed to the newsletter to participate and try to win.

1st Anniversary Contest


I have a pattern for a new fastener for the seasonal button-less towel topper. It is a heart.

Here is a great place to find Valentine patterns you may enjoy:

Valentine Pattern Links
Next month will be a shamrock. I will also be including a knitted beanie baby sweater pattern and a few more other patterns. Sorry for the shortness of this issue but my psychology class is calling.


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Linda Bohrn