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Linda's Lists Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of my newsletter. I tried to do this once before and physical things occurred to prevent this from happening. I plan on having patterns, links, recipes, articles and whatever I can fit in each month. I hope that you enjoy the first issue and stick around for more. Feel free to invite your friends to join.

I guess that you would call this Volume 1 - Issue 1.
Editor, Reporter, Graphics Design Artist, Pattern Creator and what ever else there is - Linda Bohrn(Me).

Articles in this month's issue:

2 NEW Crocheted Dishcloth Patterns with pictures- FREE!!!
Links to some great sites.
What are Handicraft Email Lists and Exchanges?
A few recipes to share with your friends.
Ideas for next month.


New Dishcloth Patterns

I created 2 new dishcloth patterns. I wanted to do more but had to go teach a computer class and a class of 2-year-olds. The patterns are linked here to my site along with the photos. This way it doesn't slow down your email download and you can link to the pages. Both patterns are very simple.

The first is called The Leaning Fence Dishcloth When finished, the bars look like they are leaning on each other.

The second pattern is called The Crystal Diamond Dishcloth. It looks like diamonds with the stitches that are used, but also like crystals when finished.

Both patterns work up very fast, very easy, and can be created without a lot of yarn - cotton of course.


Links to some great sites!

I have some links to some great sites. This month I am going to give the link to my Handicraft Links Page. I have over 171 links listed there. Most are free pattern sites. A great one for this month is Dishcloth Boutique previously knows as Linda's Dishcloths. This is not my site, but she does have a great name. Most of her patterns have pictures and the patterns are easy to follow. There is both knit and crochet.


What are Handicraft Email Lists and Exchanges?

Email lists are a place where everyone that is a member posts email messages to the "group" and everyone gets a copy. It is kind of like having an email chat line. I belong to several on Onelist. You register as a member of Onelist and then look for Lists that fit your interests. There are Email Lists for almost any topic. I belong to several Crocheting, Knitting and Early Childhood Lists. I have found these to be a great resource for patterns, links, friends and information.

Many of the handicraft lists have exchanges that range from crocheted squares, dishcloths and potholders to gift exchanges and contests. You are not under any obligation to join the exchanges, but they can be great fun. I manage a potholder exchange and belong to granny square, Christmas square, potholder and dishcloth exchanges. I was also on a bookmark and scrunchie exchange. They let you know the rules and what is needed and expected of the members before they join the exchange. This is just a fun way to get to know others and exchange something you have made with someone else. On some lists I do what is called "lurking". I may not have much to say that day but I still read the e-mails. I read about what is going on in the lives of others. When I'm not too busy, I put in my 5 cents worth(inflation brought it up from 2 cents) or give a few comments to help someone looking for a pattern or having a problem with a stitch. Sometimes we even cry and laugh with each other. Members are from all over the USA, Canada and the World.


Recipes to Share with Your Friends

I have a lot of recipes to offer the readers. This month I am going to use some that are posted on my site. I have a lot but wanted to be able to get this issue out on time. I have 12 Recipes on this page alone and they are favorites of my family and I.


Ideas for Next Month

I have a few ideas for next month's issue or future issues. If you can think of something that will be of interest to the rest of the list, please e-mail me and I will see what I can do:

Handicraft Webrings
More patterns
Where did Granny Squares come from?
How to auction off your handicrafts.


I hope that you enjoyed this first issue and hope to see you again next month.

Linda Bohrn