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Plastic Pop Ring Potholder

1 six-pack of pop rings cut apart into rings and trimmed into circles.
Knitting worsted yarn: Main color and contrast color.
G crochet hook
Using main color. Sc around each individual ring until full(do not force sts).(6 rings)
With contrasting color, ch 50 sts. Turn and skip 3 sts. Then dc in each remaining ch. End off.
Spread out rings and overlap the edges like a deck of cards spread out. (See first image)
Take the contrasting color strip and weave over and under the rings to weave together. When back to beginning, tie the strip to the beginning and arrange the rings so they look nice. (Takes a little pulling and twisting.)
Sc with contrasting color around the outside of the potholder to anchor the rings in place(See 2nd image).


The rings are drawn in different colors to make them easier to see. The strip and contrasting color are drawn in blue.

Image #1

Image #2

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